Thursday, 3 May 2018

100 WC Week 29

                                                                     INSIDE A...

 Thump "Ow" Shouted Donald.
"Its misty in here."
"I'll get my flashlight." As Donald got his flashlight, he noticed the walls surrounding him were crimson red he was frighted because a tree collapsed beside him when it collapsed he realized those aren't walls it's a stomach. As Donald found out, he started to frantically pound on the stomach he knew he was in a monster. Then everything began to plunge down like automobiles and benches. Then a T.V hurled on to Donald's head then Donald passed out. When Donald woke up, he was in a coffin, and he knew he was below a grave.

Friday, 20 April 2018

100 WC Week 27

                                                          RACE DAY

We were running as fast as we could, I wanted that metal so much. Yesterday " I can't wait for race day mom " I giggled " I could tell your exited " my mom chuckled back. On race day they announced it was a team race. On your marks... get set... go! We sprinted fast we were ahead but as we got close to the finish line I toppled. As I got up it was an excruciating pain but my partner cheered me on I started to jog again then the announcer cried although they ran quickly they were still not making progress. We ended up losing because of my shoe laces.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

100 WC Week 22


                I have a big family, I have 3 brothers, 2 sisters, parents and 3 goldfish. In a big family there is a lot of chores, mine is cleaning the gutters. Today i got the flew and my dad told me to go clean the gutters so I stepped outside and got the ladder and set it on the side of the house then i climbed the brown ladder slowly. As i went to pick up garbage in the gutters in noticed it look peculiar as i went to grab it i realized it wasn't garbage it was a dead rat, but before i could climb down the ladder i fainted. 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

100 WC Week 21


"I can't wait to get to the park" 3 kids chuckled as they walked
"Ahhh it can move."
Next day "we have breaking news, three kids went missing at the park Alysa Hawkens, James Dixon and Jhon Dixon."gulped the news reporter
"Information about these kids Alysa has blond hair blue eyes and she is 3.3 foot, James has orange hair brown hair and he is 3.2 feet and Jhon has black hair brown eyes and he is 3 foot also some parts of their clothes were near some trees."
"We are at the scene where it happened"
"The trees ahhhhh."


Thursday, 8 February 2018

100WC Week 19

                                                                     THE MEATBALL

 Rain sprinkled on our heads as we fought for the last meatball on the roof. "I get the last meatball" Steven growled
"I had it first"
" Nu uh mom said i could have it" Thomas disagreed
"fine you can have it but try to get it" Steven howled. As Thomas took a little break Steven picked up a pinecone. Bang
"I have the meatball" Thomas cheered then ate it crunch
"Ew why is this so hard its like a pinecone" Thomas blurted
"Oh i'm going to get you!" Bang
"No the meatball!" Steven screamed. As it came down the drain pine we burst into tears.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

100 WC Week 17

                                                                        CANDY STORE

We cycled to the candy store as our parents were gone we had 15 minutes to purchase candy.
"Can I have 3 packs of Twizzlers please?" I asked.
"Sure, that would $13.58." The cashier told us. Then I handed the money to her I couldn't wait to devour them. They were as red as blood but as I checked the clock IT HAS BEEN 17 MINUTES! But before we could leave the cashier asked us where our parents were so we dashed right out of the store and sprinted home as fast as we could. But when we got home our parents were there and they hissed at us like snakes as we panted.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

100 WC Week 14

                                                                  BUSINESS MONKEY

At Dixons Toy Company the company owner is a monkey named Dixon.  Dixon was doing taxes when suddenly, John his worker barged in his office and spat out " I have a new toy idea a plastic monkey that plays drums since we haven't been making lots of money here's a picture on the laptop. "WHAT NOT MUCH MONEY!" Dixon stormed. Then shoved the laptop off the table.
"We need to make the toy."
"Now Im going to eat a banana."
"Stop that monkey business." John blurted
"Your fired John don't make jokes about monkeys." Dixon barked.
"Fine no money for you."John exclaimed
"NOOO!" Dixon apologized.
"Cya weird red faced monkey"John chuckled.